Thursday, April 16, 2015

Keep smiling!

Yes, that is exactly what my blog name means. Garder Le Sourire - Keep smiling. Despite all atrocities life throws at you, despite all the things that exasperate you, just keep smiling.

So anyways, this is my first blog post, so I'm going to keep it as a general one and bore you with some random thoughts. I'll start with my background. I'm originally a North Indian from Dehradun, married to a Marwadi now. Lived in Mumbai for around ten years and did my Bachelors in CS, before moving to Los Angeles and pursuing Masters at UCLA. Now that I think about it, maybe I should have started blogging when I went to the US, boy did I have so much to write then! All the culture-shock, the new experiences and the delight of being in an entirely different country does amount to a significant content material. UCLA was also the time I met the love of my life, my Maru soulmate. Post Masters, I joined my dream company, Microsoft in Seattle. That was also the time I married my husband, and after 4 successful years abroad, we decided we had seen enough of Amreeka and it was time to come back home, since both of us always wanted to start our own thing.

So here I am, back in my motherland, almost a year later, owner of my own company (, trying to make it big in Bharat. Its funny when people say that you were living the American dream, because I was actually always living the Indian dream. Its also a matter of perception probably. For instance, I know a lot of people like me who left high-paying jobs in the states and came back here, and I also know people who visit India no lesser than once in 5 years. Say what you will, but at the end of the day, nobody really gives a damn. As long as you're happy, all is well.

This morning my husband woke me up at 4am in the morning to discuss a business proposition. Downsides of having your partner as a co-founder, you never really stop working! So three hours and few cheese toasts later, after we were done with the plan and ppts, he went to sleep and I for some reason decided to create a blog! As an ending note, I'll just say, such is life dearies. :)


  1. Now that I've binge "read" your blogs, my regret of not meeting you has increased

  2. Hahah, glad to have entertained you. Will catch up next time I'm in Mumbai.